Gil Shuga

Gil Shuga

This is a page about Gil Shuga. He’s full of awesome.

Could be a good place to share contact information.

Maybe add some military career stuff?

Maybe some proud dad stuff?

What he loves about people / the real estate business?

Basically, it can be a place where we forward

We will also probably add a link to the “Meet The Team” page on our site.

We can add links to and from any of the social networks. Maybe add some information about areas you like or types of properties you find interesting?

If we feel like RailLife is a good fit, you can certainly add some of that stuff, as well.

This can / will / should be a good place for people who Google your name to get information we want to share. If you have a photo or two that you want to use, we will add that, too.

We might also want to set up profile pages like this on RailLife and on the East Valley Team web site that Dean and I are working on. As an author, we can set up a signature page for each post that is written and it can link back to pages we want to show up in any type of a search. I’ll explain some of that process when we start working on it. We can decide if we want this page to rank highest for Gil Shuga or if one of the other two sites are a better fit for you.

We may want to have any social profiles link directly to this page instead of linking directly to