Parent Student Home Loans

parent student home loans

 What is a Parent Student Home Loan?

Parent Student Home Loans are also commonly known as  “Kiddie Condo Loans.” This is an FHA loan  product that allows parents ( or relatives ) to help purchase a home by being a non-occupant co- signer. While these two names might imply that the borrower has to be a student or the  property has to be a condo, that is not the case. Single family homes qualify as well, and  they tend to be the more popular choice as many of the condos near ASU do not qualify for  FHA financing.

* Update: More good news for FHA financing. HUD has reduced their annual insurance premiums, making the loans more affordable than in the recent past.

 Here are 5 things to know about Parent Student Home Loans:

1. Not just for kids or students: A kiddie condo loan or a parent student home loan  isn’t limited to parents or grandparents helping children. Co-signing borrowers can include  siblings, stepchildren, nieces, nephews and unrelated people who can document a longstanding family-type relationship with the co-borrower of the home.

2. Co-borrower can not have poor credit: They don’t need to have a lot of income or a lot of credit, they just can’t have poor credit. Many factors go into qualifying, credit is certainly one of them.

3. 3.5% down payment: While FHA loans are available for “as little as” 3.5% down payment, parents or the co-borrower can choose to put more money down if their goal is to lower their monthly payment.

4. Can charge rent for rooms: While FHA loans are strictly for owner occupant purchases, it is possible for the occupant / co-borrower to rent out a portion of the home to help make the mortgage payment. This is popular with students that may have a friend or two attending school with them.

5. Maximum Price set by HUD: While you can buy a condo or a single family home and that property can be anything from a studio to a 4-5 bedroom ( or more ) home, you are limited by a maximum FHA loan amount of $271,050.  This means a maximum purchase price of a home or condo is just over $280,000.00.

Around here, the parent student home loan is a popular choice for financing homes because of our very high student population and our proximity to Arizona State University.

Parent Student Home Loans Not for Everyone:

Like most things, obtaining a Kiddie Condo / Parent Student Home Loan is not for everyone. For some, this is a great way to teach financial responsibility. These loans can also keep housing costs down if one or more of the rooms are rented out. Of course, there can be risks associated with parent student home loans. The borrower is responsible to make sure all payments are made, taxes paid, property maintained, etc. Home ownership can be more than what some young students are ready for, so be sure to weigh the good with the ( potentially ) bad.

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Below you will see some of the single family homes priced up to the maximum allowable FHA loan amount in Tempe – near the main campus of Arizona State University. Go Devils!