One of the first steps in a successful home purchase is to get familiar with your many mortgage / financing options. In fact, before we begin the process of finding the perfect home for you, you will need to know your financing options to ensure we have the best possible negotiating power for your situation. Your Pre-Qualification form from your lender is part of our standard purchase contract that will be used when we make an offer on a home.

I have worked with these lenders in the past and trust them to be honest and professional. Please feel free to check their references. We can also work with any lender you may find or currently have a relationship with. This goes for the escrow companies listed below, as well. As always, please feel free to contact me to discuss some of the many ways we can help you find the perfect home! I can always be reached at 602-803-NICK (6425) or by email at nick at

Lender Express Mortgage – Shane Hollenback – 602-690-7581

Renaissance Lending Group Tempe, AZ – Chris Rosner – 480-227-6944

V.I.P Mortgage – Jon Crawford. 602-753-8444

Security National Mortgage – Michael Bell 602-300-4434


Title and Escrow

Another decision in the home buying process will be determining which escrow company to work with. I feel fortunate to have built some great relationships with several people at title companies here in the valley. Below, I have listed a few people I have enjoyed working with. Feel free to contact them or to let me know if you have someone else in mind.

First American Title, Vanessa Cronk – 480-777-0614

Dina Sell: Security Title: 480-325-4744

The bottom line is this…

You want to make SURE you are working with a REALTOR, a lender and an escrow company that are VERY familiar with the home buying process. THIS will be VERY important. PLEASE make sure that your REALTOR, lender and escrow officer communicate well together and are willing and able to work with ALL parties of the transaction. Seriously, communication is always a key component to a smooth and successful real estate transaction!