We like to provide this Moving Checklist because, let’s face it, moving can be stressful. In fact, there are a million details when you move and many of them aren’t always a lot of fun.

So, here is a Moving Checklist of some of the things you’ll want to have covered. These are some items for both home buyers and our home sellers.

Our Helpful Phone Numbers page has some great information for before and after your move, as well.

Address Change – Give your forwarding address to the Post Office. Don’t forget to send your new address to friends and family. We can even help make a “We have moved” post card for you!

Utilities – Be sure to arrange for connection/disconnection of services.  See our Utility Companies page for contact information.

Appliances – If you are the seller, often times appliances are part of the contract negotiation. Be sure to check your Purchase Contract to verify if any appliances or other household items are to stay with the property.

Pets – Get information about licensing requirements, vaccinations, and regulations.

Insurance – Make sure coverage is in place for your new home. This should be done during your “due diligence” or inspection period.

Driver’s License – You’ll want to get a new one for your new address.

Registrations – Be sure to register to vote at your new address and to properly register your vehicles.

Schools – Register your children and obtain transcripts from prior schools.

For sellers, don’t forget to leave the keys, garage door openers, mail box keys and any appliance manuals for the new owners. They will appreciate it!

As always, please feel free to contact us if we can be of ANY assistance! We’re always happy to help.