The Willo Historic District is widely known as one of the valley’s favorite historic neighborhoods.  When shopping for homes, we often hear people talk about location, location, location. Willo has the location part down pat as it is just west of Central Avenue between Thomas and McDowell Roads and between 1st and 7th Avenues. The fact that there are three light rail stops near Willo add another unique benefit to this great neighborhood. Having stations at McDowell, Encanto and at Thomas/Central Avenue allow Willo residents to easily take advantage of all of the great restaurants, shops, arts districts, sporting activities, employment centers, etc in this awesome downtown Phoenix location. This truly is old world charm meets modern conveniences.

Willo Historic District

Willo really is an amazing community. From our friend, Christoph Schweiger we hear that homes in Willo: “do not have garages, walk-in closets, or entertainment centers. They were built in the 1920’s and ’30’s before people thought lots of storage space was essential in a home. But for every modern convenience they may seem to lack, the historic homes of Willo more than make up for them in charm and grace.


The uniqueness of the homes, the beautiful tree-lined streets, the basements, guest homes, and overall flair of Willo have made the area very desirable to people of many backgrounds and walks of life for a very long time. With the addition of the 20 mile long light rail system running along the entire East side of the Willo Historic District, residents now enjoy even more things about living downtown. In Phoenix, Willo seems to be on most people’s list of “can’t miss” destinations.

Feel free to look around. We have enclosed a list of homes for sale in Willo from our mls system. Please feel free to contact Nick Bastian today at 602-803-6425 for a private tour of these amazing Phoenix homes.