Financing Tempe Foreclosures

In recent years, financing investment properties was much easier than it is today. Many loan programs were available and lending guidelines were much more lenient. In the video below, I talk with two financing experts about some of the options available in the market as of January 2011. This year is sure to see plenty of activity in the Tempe foreclosure market. Understanding your options and managing your risk / reward going forward is pretty sound advice.

**2014 update: The foreclosure market is drastically different in the Tempe area today than it was in 2011. Feel free to contact the Nick Bastian Team at 602-803-6425 to discuss current market conditions in the area. Financing options have also changed. Cash, Conventional, FHA / Va, “Kiddie Condo Loans” etc… We can help.

When some people hear the word foreclosure, they become scared or think it is a negative term. We discuss the fact that not everyone thinks foreclosures are a bad thing. In fact, they can be looked upon by investors as an opportunity to purchase homes at prices lower than other properties. Is it time to start buying Tempe foreclosures? See the list of lender owned homes below to get an idea of what is available.

Call Nick Bastian at 602-803-6425 for detailed lists of foreclosures delivered to your in-box. See our financing page for information on how to reach Shane Hollenback at Academy Mortgage and Troy Allen with American Life Financial from the video above.

Click on any of these samples of foreclosures and bank owned homes in Tempe.