Luxury Homes For Sale – 20 Million and Above

When you hear the term “luxury homes for sale”, what price point comes to mind?

In some markets, it could be a million dollars. Other markets, you’d probably see prices well above ten, twenty or even up to fifty million dollars.

While most of us will never live in a home with that many zeros, it can be fun to see what some of these homes actually look like. So, we made this web page that you can bookmark to see some AMAZING homes right here in the Valley.

I chose the $20 million mark because that seems to be the latest price point in the world of luxury homes here in Arizona, Heck, I remember when homes, even in PV, were considered “luxury” in the $2 million price range. Now, $1-2 million in Paradise Valley is something people buy to tear down and build a new home on. It happens, a LOT.

Many of the homes will be found in luxury golf communities. Some will be large lots, new construction or complete remodels. They are all fun to check out.

Here in Tempe, the amount of teardowns, complete remodels and emergence of a strong luxury market is also turning some heads. Albeit at a more “affordable” price point.

Valley Luxury Homes For Sale – $20 Million And Above

The list of homes below is a live feed of luxury homes for sale in the Phoenix Metro area. The majority of the homes will be found in Paradise Valley, Scottsdale, North Phoenix, etc. Parts of Chandler, Gilbert, Ahwatukee, Ocotillo, South Tempe and others can occasionally pop up, as well.

Click any of the photos below to be taken to a “details” page. That page will have any available public phots and information.

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