Tempe to Flagstaff: A Bastian Snow Day

This past weekend, we took a “snow day” with the kids at the cabin in Flagstaff. Grandma and grandpa took the boys up on Saturday morning and Lori and I came up late in the afternoon.

We had a lot of fun and wanted to make this page to share some of our day with family and friends.

Snow day

The first video mostly shows the first sled run that we built Saturday afternoon by strategically placing snow so that they could get all the way down the hill. Daddy did lot’s of shoveling to make it just right. By the end of the day, it was almost perfect. By Sunday morning, the run had frozen almost perfectly and some serious fun was had by all. I absolutely LOVE hearing them laugh while heading down the hills. The ending of this first video says it all. “Daddy, can you wipe the snow off of me?” 🙂

In this second video, we got a little more ambitious and built another run that was even longer than the first. Our little desert dwellers love to visit “the winter time” at the cabin. Luke cracks me up when he asks his brothers if they want to see how it is done. 🙂