Cool Flag Day Celebration

Flag Day: It is a time to celebrate the adoption of the flag of the United States. In our neighborhood, there is a cool group of Scouts that comes by to help people celebrate the day, as well as six other holidays each year.

I love the way Flag Day is celebrated in the Camelot Corner neighborhoods in Tempe. Many residents fly their own flags, but even more proudly wave the flags put up by Scout Troop 576.

Flag Day Camelot Corner Tempe, AZ

A Community That Cares:

For Independence Day, Veterans Day, Labor Day, Flag Day, Presidents Day and Memorial Day, Scout Troop 576 puts up flags in our yards and at neighborhood entryways. They ask for a small and very reasonable annual donation to the Boy Scouts of America and then come to each person’s home early in the morning on each of the holidays to install the flags.

A sincere thank you to Troop 576 for this cool community service!

On my bike ride this morning, I shot photos of a small example of flags in yards within the Camelot Village and Round Valley Estates neighborhoods. Many more flags were flying. I “only” shot about 25. :)

Click on the slide show below to see samples of some of the homes flying their flags. Or, click this link to see individual pics from our flag day celebration.

While the Flag Day celebration is cool, you should see what we do for the 4th of July… God Bless America! :)

Flag Day Camelot Corner Tempe, AZ

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