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October 31, 2022
removing listings from an IDX feed

Removing Listings From An IDX Feed

Removing listings from an IDX feed after the home is listed is pretty much impossible. Why? Because the display of information is something that is authorized when a listing is entered into our MLS system. The average homeowner and many real estate agents do not understand what IDX (Internet Data eXchange) is. Because of that, we often get emails from agents or homeowners who wonder why their listing is on […]
May 31, 2022
home buying Tempe Kyrene corridor

Busting 5 Myths About Home Buying

The first time you buy a house can be one of the most exciting and stressful times of your adult life. That said, you will hear advice that is, at best, inaccurate. But, don’t worry! We’re here to help you every step of the way. These myths about home buying can make the process more stressful than it should be, so here’s a guide to help bust some of the most […]
December 10, 2021
sellers watching home buyers

Sellers Watching Potential Home Buyers

Are home sellers watching potential home buyers? Would that be a little creepy or do you think it is perfectly normal? Many people have different opinions about this topic. One thing is for sure, it is becoming a VERY common occurrance. Not long ago, it would be pretty uncommon for a seller to record your every move or your seemingly private conversations while you are touring their home with your […]
April 11, 2020

Should Buyer Do A Pre-Closing Walkthrough?

Should a home buyer do a pre-closing walkthrough prior to purchasing a home? We get that question from time to time. My answer is always the same. “Yes. I believe you should do a walkthrough of your home before closing.” We see people say Buyer walkthrough, walk through and Buyer walk thru… No matter how you spell it, the answer is still the same. Just do it. Our current residential […]
April 27, 2017
wire fraud advisory

Wire Fraud Advisory – Things To Know

A wire fraud advisory is a document that we use to educate consumers about a potentially devistating loss of funds at the hands of some really bad people. We have started using a wire fraud advisory with our transactions because of the fact that criminals are targeting social media and email accounts to steal your personal information. This low down practice is particularly common in real estate transactions because sensitive […]
May 23, 2010

AZ Real Estate Market Heating Up

Ok, so we had our first 100 degree day recently, big whup…. Around here, that is child’s play. For many, the a/c has been cranking for weeks, but for some, they hold out as long as possible. I can tell you one thing, if you are selling a home right now, don’t try to “cheap out” and turn the a/c up to 85 or 90 when you leave for work […]
January 4, 2010

The Truth about The Truth-in-Lending

The most confusing document in the entire loan package is the Truth-In-Lending Disclosure Statement. I’ve heard more than one escrow officer refer to it as the “Confusion-In-Lending” and simply ask the borrower to sign with a cursory explanation usually saying it’s the loan costs rolled into the interest rate or something similar. While not entirely inaccurate, it doesn’t really explain the “TIL” as it’s referred to in the biz. With […]
October 30, 2009

What Happens in Escrow?

The main purpose of this blog is to provide information to you. In doing that, I have decided to ask people from within my industry to write an occasional “guest post” on topics that will be of interest to anyone wanting to know more about the real estate business or the real estate market in Arizona. Below, you will find some information about the escrow process as written by my good […]
October 3, 2008

October is Breast Cancer awareness month!

For the month of October, we have gone PINK in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness. This is a great opportunity to tell our friends about FREE mammograms. Most of you know that, for many years, I have sponsored teams for the “Climb to Conquer Cancer” as it is a cause very near and dear to my heart. There are many other great ways to get involved in helping raise money […]