Hot Dog! It’s Almost Time To Play Ball

Villagio Condominiums Swimming Pool

It seems like we’ve been hearing a lot of Chicago talk around here lately. Two of the big stories have to do with the new Portillo’s Hot Dogs coming to town and the shiny new Cubs spring training home that has just opened near the Mesa and Tempe boarders.

Cubs at Riverview Park

While Portillo’s is new to the Valley, we’ve enjoyed having the Cubs train in Mesa for many years. The new stadium is located just east of the 101 freeway and south of the 202 in the Mesa Riverview area. Portillo’s is located just a couple of minutes west of the new stadium in the Tempe Marketplace at Rio Salado and McClintock.

Portillo's in Tempe

Since the Scottsdale location of Portillo’s has been open for a while, we’ve heard a LOT of really good things about their grub. The opening of the new Cubs stadium and Portillo’s Tempe location seem to be a match made in Heaven as the proximity to one another almost guarantees an awesome fit for Cubs fans.

Everyone knows that we have a LOT of Illinois transplants in the area, and these places will probably make them all giddy inside. Baseball fans are sure to love the beautiful new ballpark and training fields. The area surrounding the new stadium is sure to grow, as well. “Wrigleyville West” attractions are still being worked out, but there is a lot of room for some new growth in the area. Heck, we’ve even seen a LOT of demand in the Villagio condominiums across the street from where the Cubs are building. Second homes and short term rentals at Villagio can make for some happy Cubs fans.

Cubs Fans having fun

Of course, happy fans, transplants from the mid-west, and snowbirds help bring dollar bills to the area. Food, drink, housing, transportation, hotels and more. Heck, from the pic below, we see that Cubs fans not only like to have fun, they like to spend money on all kinds of stuff.

Cubs Fans buy stuff

Nick Bastian
Nick Bastian
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