December 3, 2006

Why Live on the Edge If You can Live on the Line?

There is an interesting dynamic coming to the valley… It’s called Light Rail… You have probably seen it “gaining steam” in the news lately as it comes closer to reality for Arizona. I recently attended a meeting with city and national planners of the light rail line to gather some more information. There is some real economic potential here for people and businesses alike. Currently, there are approximately 3000 businesses […]
October 30, 2006

The Joy of Second Home Ownership

I am a big fan of investment property and of having a second home as an investment. While the population of Arizona continues to grow and baby boomers begin to retire, Northern Arizona becomes an even more attractive place to invest in your future. While we have several great second home communities, many of them will only hold a limited amount of people. As the demand grows for this limited […]
October 30, 2006

Unrealistic Expectations Hanging on

Sep/Oct newsletter article.. Unrealistic Expectations Hanging on Several times last year I wrote about the unrealistic real estate market that we were experiencing. The “dot-com” mentality that a home “should” appreciate by $10-20k per month was mind boggling. As a listing agent, it was kind of fun to help people sift through ridiculous offers and advise them how to maximize their situation. Many buyers who were not paying cash or […]
October 30, 2006

Where do we go from here?

Here is a post taken from our Sept/Oct newsletter where we ask “Where do we go from here?” The big question everyone seems to be asking these days is “where is our real estate market headed?” Anyone that can tell you that should also be able to give you six really good lottery numbers as well. The fact is, there are literally hundreds of things that are going to effect […]
July 9, 2006

Quick Update

Here is a recent article I wrote for one of our news letter’s. I hope you find it interesting! We are located in the South East Valley of Arizona: Quick Update: “Recently I was in a meeting with several long-time industry pros to discuss current market trends. With approximately 46,000 active listings (up from 30,000 just a few months ago), there is a greater need than ever for seller’s homes […]