Casino Capers – Tempe Diablos Know How To Party

The Tempe Diablos have been doing GREAT things in Tempe for over 40 years. I vividly remember stories from when I was a little kid living in Tempe of my uncle telling us about the organization he has been a part of since longer than I can remember. To be clear, Casino Capers is about MUCH more than just a GREAT party. It’s about changing the lives of people in our community.

Members of the Diablos devote their time and energy to the youth of Tempe by promoting, organizing and supporting community-based programs.” – Tempe Diablos

Tonight is the annual Casino Capers fundraising event that has become a “can’t miss” for many people. If you want to have a LOT of fun, eat some great food, and hang with some of the “cool kids” in the neighborhood, you need to have this annual event on your radar. The 2014 Casino Capers event is really something you should come and see for yourself.

Casino Capers with the Tempe Diablos

Tickets for Casino Capers are just $250.00 per couple. I can assure you, it is money well spent. This event is top notch, the silent and live auctions are something you don’t want to miss. Please don’t let my wife bid on a “cute” puppy this year!

Give back to our great city, have some fun, and meet some great people.

Casino Capers with the Tempe Diablos 2010

Michael Monti, Jack Smith, Jim Mack and Nick Bastian – 2010 Casino Capers.

Casino Capers at Tempe Diablo Stadium

2200 West Alameda Drive

Tempe, AZ 85282

Casino Capers will be held at the Tempe Diablo Stadium again this year. Yeah, some of the other venues they’ve used in the past are not so spread out but this works ok. d I suppose I won’t complain about it being outdoors and having to walk so far from one end to another. 🙂

Lori and I hope to see you there!

*sorry for the blurry pics, they are the only ones I have from years past. Maybe I can do better this time. 🙂 *

Nick Bastian
Nick Bastian
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