Nick Bastian

September 4, 2007

The Feedback Factor

As long as I can remember, feedback has been an important part of the home selling process. EVERY seller wants to know what people thought of their home after a showing occurs. While you would think that providing a listing agent would be a professional courtesy extended by showing agents, it is often difficult to get helpful information from them. The most common way to obtain feedback over the years […]
September 1, 2007

Always changing..

Every day, the paper and the national media have stories about the falling mortgage and real estate industry. With large and small banks going out of business and homes selling in months instead of days, the media loves it. Just like when the opposite was true, the loved it. Why, because it sells stories. The President’s plan will try to help people re-finance their sub prime loans but it is […]
July 9, 2006

Quick Update

Here is a recent article I wrote for one of our news letter’s. I hope you find it interesting! We are located in the South East Valley of Arizona: Quick Update: “Recently I was in a meeting with several long-time industry pros to discuss current market trends. With approximately 46,000 active listings (up from 30,000 just a few months ago), there is a greater need than ever for seller’s homes […]