No Flyers in the Flyer Box!

OK, I saw this video last night titled “No flyers in the flyer box” and had to share it. My friend Darin Persinger is an awesome real estate coach with a unique style all his own. By that, I mean the guy totally understands the needs of his clients. How? It’s easy, he has “been there, done that”. Darin has had a very successful real estate business and now makes sure that people learn a lot about the real estate business from him.

In the past, Darin has written that agents “can do better” with the presentation of homes. For instance, if you are not going to keep flyers in the flyer box, don’t have a box! If people drive by a home and see a box, they expect the box to be full. When it is empty, they probably assume you are not doing your job. Many of you that know me know I am not a huge fan of fliers. What I am a fan of is properly pricing a home and then doing a GREAT job in making sure people are able to easily find the home online and to get information quickly. A custom sign or a custom sign rider with a web address for that specific home, along with a “text for information” number, allows for immediate “access” 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. To me, this is a much better idea.

Trying out some new signs...

Obviously, there is much more to this topic than just flyers or a sign. The video and this post really stand for properly marketing a home. It’s about telling a story.  It’s about creating interest, talking about the neighborhood, giving people a feel for what it is like to live there. This type of marketing can be considered hard work and time consuming to the average agent. Guys like Darin don’t look for average agents to coach, they look for agents that go far above and beyond what is “common” in the industry.

For the past 18 years, I have been selling homes here in Arizona. In good markets and bad, one thing remains constant, the fact that I love helping people buy and sell homes. Marketing properties has changed dramatically since “the old days” and I have been fortunate to surround myself with some top notch marketing professionals so that I can continue to do the best job possible for all of my clients.

I may not pick up a guitar and sing about things any time soon, but it is good to know that some of my friends will pick up the slack.

Nick Bastian
Nick Bastian
Nick Bastian is a 31 year veteran of the real estate industry and enjoys his career very much. Nick is always available to "talk shop" with anyone that may have real estate related questions. "Just Call Nick" at 602-803-NICK (6425) - he's glad to help. Nick can also be found over on Instagram and Twitter ( @NickbastianAZ ) or out and about in the community making friends and having some fun.

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