Realty Executives Short Sale Division

Short sales and foreclosures are a very large part of our market in Arizona. The short sale process can bring many more questions than answers for people facing a job loss, relocation or a need to sell a home in a market where property “values” have declined.
The realities of facing short sale questions about tax consequences, debt relief, anti-deficiency judgements, and many other terms that many people are not familiar with can create even more uncertainty. Having people “embarrassed” of their situation, not knowing where to turn or not having a trustworthy advisor has sometimes been a reason for people to put off getting help.
Unfortunately, some of the problems with short sales are also compounded by the fact that many people in the real estate industry have had challenges in trying to learn about a process that is fairly new or unfamiliar and in dealing with different banks or bank employees that can often be clueless.
I am very glad to see that Realty Executives of Arizona has created a place where people all over the state can call a number to be put in touch with an agent willing to help them sell their home in these challenging times.
Many agents have put off short sales and take them only when they “have to” do them. As consumers seek information on how to best deal with a short sale, the Realty Executives short sale division promises to be a place where good, solid real estate information will be found.
Should you or anyone you know need to find a real estate agent willing to help with your short sale in Arizona, please feel free to call my “short sale hotline” at 602-803-6425.

Nick Bastian
Nick Bastian
Nick Bastian is a 31 year veteran of the real estate industry and enjoys his career very much. Nick is always available to "talk shop" with anyone that may have real estate related questions. "Just Call Nick" at 602-803-NICK (6425) - he's glad to help. Nick can also be found over on Instagram and Twitter ( @NickbastianAZ ) or out and about in the community making friends and having some fun.

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