ARMLS Playing The Real Estate Game

ARMLS ( Arizona Regional Multiple Listing Service ) has come out with a new game to play. It’s called ARMLS-OPOLY. – Seriously.

So, how fun is that? You know it will be a big hit on game night, right?

The super-swanky Paradise Valley is the priciest purchase at $400.00, but you can go on out to Apache Junction for $60.00. The city of Tempe is going to cost you $260.00 and you can grab Chandler for $100.00.

Get in trouble? No jail time, it’s off to Rules Class.

Monopoly from ARMLS

A card from the new ARMLS-OPOLY board game says: Your real-estate blog goes viral! Collect $100. – I can’t wait to get that card. :)

In good markets and bad, we see people playing the real estate game. As in life, there will be winners and losers. Anyone want to challenge me to a game of ARMLS-OPOLY?

Bring it on!

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