August 6, 2007

Times are Changing

There has been a lot of interesting articles in the news lately about the troubles in the mortgage industry. The “crisis” of predatory lenders, raising foreclosure rates, mortgage companies going out of business etc. is certainly news worthy.Lender’s are changing guidelines as they adjust to market conditions. Many of the programs offered in the past couple of years are disappearing; making it more challenging for some to qualify for a […]
June 28, 2007

Find em on the web…

Let’s face it, the market always dictates the price of a property. BUT, in a market where a lot of competition exists, it is good to have real plans in place to aggressively promote your home over the competition. In my opinion, a “for sale by owner” home in this market is like a row boat in the middle of the ocean. We have been implementing new ways to market […]
January 11, 2007

Trimming Some Fat in the New Year

As I sit here and think back on the past few months of holiday and Christmas parties, I notice that I have probably added a bit more to my “bottom line” than is necessary. Too many family, work and friends had dinners, parties, get togethers etc..It’s kind of funny to think of the analogy between the last couple of months and the last year and a half in the real […]