Hey Chase – “Really?!”

I have been thinking of doing a new series here on the “Just Call Nick!” blog. You may have seen the SNL skits where they poke fun at stupid stuff…Really?!” – Well, I tend to see, here or come in contact with some pretty interesting stuff in my real estate business and in life in general. So, I’m going to start writing a few of em’ down.
The first example happened on a recent weekend when we successfully negotiated a cash sale on a really nice home in the east valley. As part of the contract, we agree to provide a “proof of funds” letter from my client’s bank. On Monday, she called Chase and told them the amount we needed to give to the seller’s. The account manager offered to provide an account balance but would not write a letter. Feeling that the seller’s really didn’t need to know how much more money was in the account than necessary to purchase this home, the “legal” department was contacted. After another offer of providing a balance of the account, we still did not have the letter we wanted. The next morning, several hundred thousand dollars was removed from Chase and I had a letter, exactly as it had been requested. From a different bank.
So, Chase… How hard can it be to provide a proof of funds letter for a stellar client? Was that a smart move?

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  1. http://Tyler%20Hurst says

    Hey, so Chase let a $1300 charge go through on my personal account. Never mind I’ve never charged so much as $300 on that card and oh…the charge was from Alabama.

    If I’d had fraud protection, it would have been flagged they tell me. Didn’t I sign up for that? Why would I have to?

  2. trying to get a proof of funds letter from chase today. the account summery is all they will provide I tried to explain that this shows a much higher balance than the asking price but they could not get there heads around it. tried two different branches REALLY CHASE @@@@

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