Mill Avenue District is “Growing Up.”

The many new developments in Tempe are fun to watch. From Mosaic to Centerpointe to the new Monti’s projet that we recently wrote about, the Mill Avenue District is really “growing up.” Soon, the Valley’s Light Rail system will travel right through the community. If you haven’t been down there lately, you will be amazed. If you have, you can’t help but notice how “alive” the area is. People of all walks of life enjoy this area. From the Arts Center to small coffee shops to million dollar condos with HOA fees in the $1100.00 per month range! 🙂 The park, the lake and near by hiking at “The Butte” / “A” Mountain are all things that people love as well. I found this cool video that shows some of the many existing and proposed changes in the area.Take a look!

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