The Amazing Impact of Novus Innovation Corridor on ASU

Welcome to the Novus Innovation Corridor:

Arizona is one of the nation’s most future-forward and innovative states. It is home to the “Most Innovative University” in the country and some of the fastest-growing economic hubs like the Novus Innovation Corridor. Novus is a massive development in Tempe, and it has an incredible impact on the university, the city, and its surrounding area. 

Located at the NE part of campus, the corridor is located north of University Drive south of Tempe Town Lake from roughly McClintock to Price Road. This Novus video has some more information about the location of the NIC.

Novus Innovation Corridor

The Novus Innovation Corridor in Tempe is a 355-acre development at Arizona State University. The development is an urban, mixed-use area and will host a large stretch of office, retail, residential, hotel and entertainment development. 

The impact isn’t just felt here in Tempe, the impact of many ASU programs are felt all over the world. Their science, technology and sustainability programs truly have a global impact.

NOVUS Innovation Corridor, a 355-acre, multi-phased development that will encompass more than 10 million square feet of urban mixed-use development at buildout that positions ASU to work with public and private partners on sustainability solutions and technology that can be scaled regionally and globally.

Hyatt Place Hyatt House from Novus Innovation Corridor on Vimeo.

This development on ASU’s Tempe Campus will potentially provide thousands of jobs in the years to come. The promising growth of the job market is driving more people to the state, and it’s a great time to have real estate in the area too. 

The NIC will be the epicenter of work, dining, and shopping in Tempe. It will bring over 30,000 new jobs and many more residents to the city of Tempe. 

Points To Know About the Novus Innovation Corridor (NIC)

1. The NIC is a hub for many corporate companies. The businesses moving their operations alone will be able to provide thousands of jobs to residents of Tempe and nearby cities.

2. There will be roughly 4,100 residences built in the NIC, affecting the real estate market in the area. ASU expects there be more demand than supply, which means housing prices will likely continue to see upward pressure in the years to come.

3. The NIC is a place where you can live, work, play, and stay. There will be approximately 700 hotel rooms built in the area with a total of more than 200,000 square feet of retail and entertainment space. These establishments are sure to drive tourism to the area, as well. 

4. Many big corporate and tech companies are expected to move their operations to NIC, providing jobs and attracting ASU grads to stay or relocate to the area. 

5. There are best-in-class collegiate athletic venues in the NIC which gives ASU students the chance to pursue careers not only in corporate and tech but also athletics. Heck, we’re even hearing rumors of the Olympic games as a possible Tempe destination in the future!

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Take Advantage of the Amazing Impact of Novus Innovation Corridor

ASU has a bright future planned based on the strategic development of this region. Students of Arizona State University and residents of the city will be watching these developments very closely! 

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