Hud Reiersgaard Joins The Nick Bastian Team

NIck Bastian Team real estate professionalsWe are super excited to announce that Hud Reiersgaard has joined the Nick Bastian Team as a full service REALTOR. Hud has been involved with many aspects of the real estate business for most of his life.

Here is a quick look at Hud Reiersgaard’s background:

Hud began his Real Estate career working in his father’s property management company in Crested Butte, Colorado. He moved to Arizona in 1994 where he graduated from Arizona State University and is a loyal Sun Devil Fan! Hud continued his career as a builder and has owned and operated as a general contractor for 10 years. He has many accreditations in the building industry including BPI Certifications and LEED AP designations. He believes strongly in the energy efficiency and water conservation movement and how they integrate into the homes in which we live. Hud has built many high-quality luxury custom homes including one of the first National Green Build Council certified Emerald custom luxury homes in Paradise Valley. Hud has chosen to continue his career in this field by offering his unique set of skills to potential buyers and sellers as a real estate agent.

Hud and I are looking forward to working closely together on many new projects as we expand our business to new and exciting markets where I have not been able to serve as effectively as I would like. Because of the resources we have with the Phoenix Real Estate Guy web site and with, we are excited for Hud to assist more people looking to live a more “green” lifestyle. New construction, re-builds, energy efficincy and historic properties all have unique features that Hud’s years of experience will serve to benefit our home buyers and sellers.

Hud and I have been friends for approximately 13 years. I know him, trust him, and I am really glad to be in business with him and the awesome group of people we get to work with every day.

Slow and Steady Growth:

We are very fortunate to have an outstanding team of professionals who work well togther. We had our first “team lunch” with Hud this past week and immediately knew he’d be a great fit. We choose our people very carefully, and Hud was an easy choice. Please join us in welcomg Hud Reiersgaard to the Nick Bastian Team. He can be reached at our office at 602-803-6425 or on his cell phone at 480-710-8090.


Golden Corner Perfect Fit For 24 Carrots

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Late last year, 24 Carrots opened in a really great South Tempe location within the very popular Tempe Square shopping center at McClintock and Guadalupe. If you live anywhere near this area, you probably know this busy intersection well. The intersection is home to a ton of popular places. Places like Mac’s Broiler and Tap, Trader Joes, A&B Barbershop, Pei Wei, Jamba Juice, Miele’s Italian Bistro, Orange Theory Fitness, Baskin Robbins, Fry’s Grocery, Wildflower and Paradise Bakery and more. Soon, there will also be a re-opening of the super cool  “Classic Italian Pizza.” There really is just about anything you could want or need nearby.

View Camelot Corner Tempe AZ in a larger map

The menu at 24 Carrots natural café and urban juicery changes each week based on what produce is available. In the short time they’ve been open, they have had a lot of really good press and have created some big time fans of their restaurant. They serve “100% Vegan, largely gluten free” items from the best local, seasonal, organic and artisanal ingredients they can find. It’s a great spot for healthy eating. The smoothies, soups, sandwiches, breakfast items and more are free of chemicals, additives or preservatives.

24 Carrots

Health nut or not, give 24 Carrots a try. They are located at 1701 E Guadalupe Road in Tempe. Their phone number is 480-753-4411 and their current hours of operation are:

Sunday – Tuesday 8am – 2pm

Wednesday – Saturday 8am – 6pm

If you decide that you *really* love 24 Carrots or any of the other great places nearby, we’ve conveniently attached a list of homes that are within ( approximately ) 1/2 mile from 24 Carrots. This way, you can walk over and enjoy them any time you’d like…

I Love You, Dad

For the past 45 years my family and I have celebrated Father’s Day. Never once was it just another day.

You see, I’m one of the lucky ones. Lucky to have a father that was always there. A father that loved me. A father that taught me right from wrong. A father that loved his wife, his kids and his family more than some would think is fair. 

On May 9th, 2013 I said goodbye to my father. Yes, he was taken from us far before we thought he would be and long before it was fair for him to leave. I’ll never be able to explain the pain, just like I’m not able to explain the love I have for him. My dad taught me so much, he taught me things up until the hour of his death.

From a very young age, I can remember my dad teaching us about life, about family and about friendships. My dad would and could talk to anyone. He could fix anything. He made people from all walks of life feel like a best friend, this was truly a gift he had.

My Dad became sick in January of this year when he had the first of two heart attacks on a Sunday. A stint was placed in his heart and he was sent home on Tuesday. The following day, that stint failed and my dad had a massive heart attack that seems to have been what started months of struggles.

You know what happened during those months of struggles? My dad kept teaching me things. How to fight, how to love, how to cherish what you have.

On this Father’s Day I’m sad, I hurt and I miss my dad. On the other hand, I have three little boys and an amazing wife that want, need and deserve 100% of the father that I have been taught to be. Now and always I’m happy and lucky to say that 100% of me is always what they will get. I am going to cherish this day by holding my family close and loving them. After all, my father would expect nothing less.

Although the loss of my father hurts to no end, I’m not done celebrating Father’s Day. My mother, my brother and I were left clear instructions. Continue to love each other. Cherish family and friends. Be kind.

My father’s legacy lives on and I’m so glad to know I’ll see him again. He taught me that, too.

Nick and dad

I love you, dad…

Hangin’ with some blogging real estate geeks at Chicago Title

I had a great time meeting with some real estate and title friends this morning talking about some cool new blogging applications.

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More Foreclosures – More Problems?

As more and more foreclosure listings come on to the market, I see more and more lenders/Realtors write in the listing that the SPDS (Seller’s Property Disclosure Statement) and CLUE Report or Claims History will not be provided.
In my opinion, there is no reason for a bank, other than wanting to “play dumb,” to say they “can’t” provide this information. While it may be obvious that they have never occupied the property, they still have some type (probably very limited) of knowledge about the property.
While I strongly believe that a buyer should always do their own “due diligence,” I believe waiving their rights of disclosure in a contract should not be their only option.
Interestingly enough, while the market was heading straight up in the past, many buyers were waiving some of their rights from our contracts as well. Things like inspections, appraisals, warranties etc. were often waived to make an offer more appealing. Think some of these people would like a “do over?”
Fact is, in “good” markets and in “bad,” people deserve to be treated fairly and represented well. As always, help and guidance is just a call or a click away…
“Just Call Nick” I am glad to help!