Nick Bastian

May 27, 2016
Marcello's closing in south Tempe

What Should Replace Marcello’s In Tempe?

Marcello’s Pasta Grill has been at the southwest corner of McClintock and Warner for many years. It’s in a really great area in South Tempe where people feel like we are in need of more good restaurant choices. **Update! As of 10/18/16 it sounds like The Oink Cafe will be moving in to this space! I’m super happy to hear this as it looks like a really great place for […]
March 16, 2016

Details Do Matter

In a residential purchase contract, the details do matter… Sometimes, I am surprised by how many agents don’t pay attention to how a purchase contract works or how seemingly small details can raise questions. For example: Page 1 of our residential resale real estate purchase contract has a specific section for filling out the “Full Purchase Price” of the home and how it will be paid. For example, line 10 […]
December 27, 2015
Tempe bike lanes

Over Killed In A Tempe Bike Lane

Update: The city of Tempe will be exploring new options for McClintock Drive modifications. Please continue to let the city know how you feel about the bike lanes and let them know how you think it could be modified or brought back to how it was before this failed experiment was implemented. Update #2: 12/17/2016 –  Mayor Mitchell along with Council members Randy Keating and Robin Arredondo-Savage have been looking […]
August 1, 2015

Shutterfly Turning Heads In Tempe

Shutterfly is coming to South Tempe and they are they are turning a lot heads. For some, it’s a great move. For others, it is a problem of epic proportions. Typically, people think it’s a good thing when huge developments bring big money and a bunch of new jobs to an area. Right? In Tempe, there has been a LOT of new development and a LOT of new jobs announced […]
July 5, 2015
Zenefits at Hayden Ferry Tempe

Tempe Happy To Welcome Zenefits – Many Others

It seems like the jobs just keep coming to Arizona and that is certainly welcomed news in Tempe. Companies like GoDaddy, Northern Trust, DriveTime Automotive,, Shutterfly and, of course, State Farm are some of the companies hiring and expanding in Tempe. Zenefits Expanding in Tempe: This past week, it was announced that Zenefits is expanding their operations in Tempe at the super-cool 3rd and final Hayden Ferry tower that is […]
November 13, 2014
Downtown Tempe

Mill Avenue Becoming More as Downtown Tempe

Mill Avenue: It is known far and wide by people of all walks of life. The iconic street has seen ups and downs, good times, more good times and even some bad times. It has history and it has a bright future. Here in Tempe, there’s always a ton of talk about what is happening “on Mill.” There’s no explanation needed, there are no directions to be given if you […]
September 17, 2014
NAR Tech Edge rocks

Looking Forward to Another NAR Tech Edge in AZ

OK, so I’m a bit of a geek. Not really a full fledged geek, but a geek none-the-less. This may be why I was excited to hear that NAR Tech Edge is  coming back to the Phoenix area. Basically, Tech Edge is a day where geeks like me get to talk about fun and effective ways to grow or maintain their real estate business.   For anyone outside of the real […]
April 14, 2014

Golden Corner Perfect Fit For 24 Carrots

Late last year, 24 Carrots opened in a really great South Tempe location within the very popular Tempe Square shopping center at McClintock and Guadalupe. If you live anywhere near this area, you probably know this busy intersection well. The intersection is home to a ton of popular places. Places like Mac’s Broiler and Tap, Trader Joes, Changing Hands Bookstore, A&B Barbershop, Pei Wei, Jamba Juice, Habit Burger, Orangetheory Fitness, […]
April 7, 2014
FHA Approved Condos Tempe

FHA Loans – Not All Homes Qualify

It is a common misconception that all homes qualify for all types of financing. Many buyers wanting to utilize a low down payment mortgage to purchase a home look to an FHA loan because of its 3.5% down payment option. Unfortunately, if buyers are looking to purchase a condominium instead of a single family home, their options can be limited to condos that “qualify” for FHA financing. While the guidelines […]